Wireless Touch Wall Switch


Model:  MT-K007
1.Wireless control + LCD Touch sensitive control
2.Easy to install
3.Control lamps, fans or other appliances with voltage AC180~250V
4.Suitable for Incandescent lamps, Halogen lamps, Fluorescent lamps, and Energy saving lamps.
5.You can turn on/off the lamp with remote control from any place within a reliable distance, the wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.
6.Reliable control : The remote control(Encoding) and wall switch(Decoding) use an 8-bit code.
7.One/several remote controls can control one/several wall switches simutaneously.
8.If you use two or more wall switches in same place, you can set with differnt codes.
9.Working Voltage:AC180-250V/50Hz/60H
10.Working Current:<40uA(<0.008W)